Embedded insurance is broken. Here’s how to fix it.

From food delivery fees to priority boarding, convenience has always come at a cost.  

But the cost being borne by travelers is increasingly low-quality products and services when they’ve opted to purchase travel insurance embedded on a flight or hotel booking path. 

You’ve seen the products, right? Offering you the chance to protect your flight against cancellation, your rental car against a minor bump, your vacation property against a red-wine spillage.  

No arduous research required, no navigating to another website. Just check that box and the coverage gets added to your existing order. Easy! 

When that traveler has to make a claim, however, they soon discover the product they paid for is riddled with exclusions and lacking the most basic customer support. 

Why? Because some of the world’s most popular online booking systems are operating under a business model which is essentially broken.  

Sky-high commissions 

The world’s biggest travel and accommodation booking platforms generate traffic that can be measured in the tens – or hundreds – of millions of visitors each month. That makes them awfully alluring for insurance companies hoping to bag a place on their purchase paths. 

It also means those platforms can command outrageously high commissions – as much as 60-70% of upfront revenue for any insurance product that is purchased.  

How can insurers spare such massive commissions? By cutting costs, of course. That means offering one-size-fits all products, ramping up exclusions, slashing customer support, and finding reasons not to pay out claims. 

The net effect? The ‘convenient’ coverage that was purchased on a whim leaves the customer in automated-phone hell and sours their overall perception of travel insurance when their claim is denied. 

And who gets the blame? Ultimately, the platform where they were offered the product in the first place. Not a good way to generate repeat business, right? 

Transforming insurance from purchase to pay out 

How is battleface different? We’re committed to carving out a new relationship between insurer, partner and customer by focusing on high-quality, modular travel insurance designed around how people really see the world. 

That means easy-to-understand customized coverage, clear exclusions, and customer support from people – not automated systems. 

Through extensive A|B testing, custom builds, segment benefits and more, battleface’s partners benefit from increased customer satisfaction and higher conversion rates. And a more equitable rate of commission allows us to maintain standards of cover, support, and claims management. 

We’re set up to partner with insurtech, traveltech, fintech & neobanks, hotels, registration platforms, online booking engines and more. 

Just get in touch and we can arrange to go through every option and how it’ll benefit your business.