Fusty old travel insurance? Yeah, that’s not really our thing.

Let’s be honest, travel insurance has an image problem.

Ask the average person on the street their opinion of travel insurers and you’re going to generate a word cloud that’d give a brand consultant heart palpitations.

Paternalistic. Risk-averse. Sensible. Boring.

And who could blame them? For the majority, their encounters with insurers have been characterised by a general air of disapproval towards anything resembling fun.

The message seems to be “Risk is bad and we’d rather you avoided it”.

Embracing life’s adventurers

But that’s not how we see things at battleface. From our inception, we’ve pushed back against this fusty and condescending approach to risk and embraced the travellers who’ve sought it out.

Whether that’s providing cover in spite of governmental travel advisories or insuring against COVID-19 medical costs, we’ve done everything we can to allow people to travel both internationally and domestically.

If you want to go there, we want you to go there, too.

Just ask the fearless expeditioners who have set out for uncharted jungle with battleface beside them. The filmmakers heading into some of the world’s political hotspots. Or the family members separated by COVID restrictions finally able to reach their loved ones.

We realise that our job is to enable adventures, reunions, humanitarian efforts, sorely-needed holidays and more – not stand in the way of them.

And that’s what we’re offering your customers as well.

Reflecting your brand values

battleface is uniquely placed to reflect and reinforce the values you’ve cultivated for your own company through white-label or co-branded integration with your existing products and services.

Whether your customers are business travellers, backpackers, adventure-sports enthusiasts or families holidaying with their pets in tow, they’re looking to you for travel insurance that wants them to see the world.

That means no more stuffy products or impenetrable jargon. No more fustiness.

And, ultimately, it means the increased conversion rates that come with offering products and services that feel integrated with your brand. Not stuck on as an afterthought.

A fresh approach

We’re set up to work with insurtech, traveltech, fintech, hotels, search engines, airlines, online travel agencies, event ticket platforms and more that are seeking a fresh approach from travel insurance.

Just get in touch and we can arrange to go through every option and how it’ll benefit your business.