Would you choose the cheapest luggage? Now compare that to your health.

Everyone loves a bargain, right? From Black Friday sales to online discount codes, grabbing some winter-sports gear, a last-minute flight or a weekend away in a flashy hotel for a fraction of the usual cost just feels like winning at life. 

But with age comes the realisation that seeking out rock-bottom prices isn’t always the sound financial decision it seemed in our youth. 

Take luggage, for example. A quick online search enquiry followed by ‘sort: lowest to highest price’ can serve up some astoundingly cheap wheeled suitcases. I mean, they’ll do the job for a week or two in the sun, won’t they? 

But will they? Anyone who’s ever dragged a busted-wheeled suitcase along a cobblestoned European backstreet or watched in horror as their most ‘intimate’ items of clothing spill out in the lobby of a swanky hotel would tend to disagree. 

You saved a couple of quid, sure. But was it worth your sweat and embarrassment? Not to mention the cost of replacing that plastic-moulded monstrosity for something that’ll actually do the job. 

So why do some travellers persist in choosing the cheapest travel insurance policy going? 

Excluded, prohibited and exempt 

Unlike ‘cheap and cheerful’ luggage, inadequate or inappropriate travel insurance can leave you with bills in the tens – or hundreds – of thousands of pounds.  

Excluded activities, prohibited destinations, exempt conditions – bargain-basement travel insurance is forced to squeeze profit where it can. And often that involves relying on the customer not reading the small print. 

The end result? The hapless traveller is forced to navigate a foreign country’s healthcare system on their own – not so easy when they don’t speak the language, aren’t medically qualified and are perhaps suffering the effects of serious injury or illness. 

Clued-up customers 

Fortunately, times are changing. And the general public’s awareness of travel insurance is at an all-time high due to the previous couple of years of COVID travel disruptions and increased risks to health. 

What that means is clued-up customers who understand not all products are created equal – and ensuring they’re adequately covered means more than simply checking the cheapest box on an aggregator site. 

Through embedded insurance, custom builds, segment benefits (region dependent) and more, battleface Travel Insurance is uniquely placed to cater to this traveller – meaning increased customer satisfaction and higher conversion rates for our travel insurance partners.  

We’re set up to work with insurtech, traveltech, fintech, hotels, search engines, airlines, online travel agencies, event ticket platforms and more. 

Curious? Get in touch and we can go through every partnership option and how it’ll benefit your business.