Travel should be relaxing. Pet insurance makes sure it is.

Travel troubles differ in every way except one: nobody wants them – especially when you’re traveling with your four-legged friend. Your pet could get sick while traveling or turn a pillow into confetti in your vacation rental. Pet Travel Insurance with BringFido helps your peace of mind and your bank account.

If you’re not familiar with pet travel insurance, this guide supplies real-life situations to help you understand what each coverage means, if your pet needs it for your trip, and how it helps you if something happens.

Pet Travel Insurance – includes:

Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption coverage

These are two of the most common types of travel insurance coverage. This will cover non-refundable or prepaid deposits for cancellations and interruptions due to sudden illness or accidents – of you or your pet – that happen either before or during your trip. (Lots of other covered reasons apply too!)

“I was on a exploring the National Parks with my dog, and midway through our hike at Yellowstone, she hurt her hip and struggled to walk. We ended up going home earlier than planned as she could not continue the hikes. Because we had to suddenly cut our trip short, we lost all the money we’d paid for the rentals and entry passes at each park.

—Cassie K & her Golden Lab, Phoebe.

Good for: travelers and their pets who book activities with hefty deposits, longer-term stays, and prepaid accommodations in multiple destinations

Skip it: travelers using frequent flier miles, or staying with family/friends having a relaxing, chill vacation, with no prepaid activities

Pet Medical and Pet Return insurance

Just like you, your pets may need medical care while traveling. Make sure you can take care of your pet’s medical needs and get reimbursed for emergency pet care, whether traveling domestically or abroad. Pet Return coverage can also pay for the cost to return your pet home in case you get sick while traveling.

“My partner and I took advantage of remote work and rented an apartment in London for a month. While we were unpacking, our dog helped herself to some chocolate that was left out as a welcome gift. An emergency vet visit later, she ended up being fine, but it made for a stressful (and expensive) first few days.”

—Avery D and his rescue dog, Basil.

Good for: owners without pet insurance, pets outside of a domestic coverage area, all pets traveling internationally

Skip it: pets within a domestic pet medical insurance coverage area

Pet Damage Protection

Most people are diligent about taking care of rental properties, but sometimes you can’t prevent those “uh oh” moments – especially from your pet (although this also covers damage caused by humans!). You’re on vacation too, so protect yourself from having to helicopter over your animal the entire trip.

“I was staying in a townhouse in Santa Cruz, California. As we enter the rental, my dog gets so excited – runs into a table and knocks a vase that fell over and rolled onto the floor, breaking on impact. It was a total accident, as dogs are always innocent, but the vase was beyond repair.” Labradoodle, George

Good for: anyone traveling with their pet and staying at a hotel or vacation rental

Skip it: people roughing it in the woods, or staying at a family’s house

If you do your research, you can find affordable pet travel insurance that provides the coverage you need for peace of mind. Customize a coverage plan that makes sense for you when you book through BringFido.

Find out more about Pet Travel Insurance and Pet Medical/Pet Return Insurance.

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