The era of one-size-fits-all travel insurance is over. And good riddance.

Quick question: Where do you keep your traveler’s cheques when you’re on the road? 

Oh what’s that? You don’t use traveler’s cheques? You use a combination of credit cards, online transfers and smart banking apps that convert currencies in the blink of an eye? 

Funny that. 

Because if the current state of the travel insurance industry was anything to go by, you’d think people were still exploring the world as they were 50-odd years ago. 

Outdated products. Bundled coverage. Policies with all the flexibility of granite. 

What’s that all about? Why have most travel insurers remained resolutely stuck in the past while the rest of the travel industry has been embracing the transformative power of technology? 

And, more importantly, what could they be doing differently? 

21st century expectations 

The way people travel has changed dramatically over the past half century. Low-cost airlines, online travel agents, price comparison websites and more have put travelers in the driving seat when it comes to planning their adventures. 

Need accommodation tonight? Pull out any number of apps that’ll get you a room booked in minutes. Feeling peckish in a new city? Here are fifteen restaurants within walking distance, including their star ratings and pictures of their most popular dishes. 

For today’s travelers, the ability to make spontaneous decisions about where to go and what to do is a given. So is the expectation that a flight, a meal or a night’s accommodation will fit their needs exactly. 

So why not model travel insurance like that? 

Doing things differently 

At battleface, that’s what we’re doing. By seeking tech solutions to age-old problems, we’re dragging travel insurance into the 21st century. That means creating products and services that can be tailored to the way you actually travel – not an executive’s outdated idea of how you should. 

Our partners build products that reflects the idiosyncratic ways their customers take trips – from hastily booked weekends away to multi-country backpacking odysseys – and give them the support to make changes if their plans change. 

A partner on the same page 

Through embedded insurance, custom builds, segment benefits and more, battleface Travel Insurance partners benefit from increased customer satisfaction and higher conversion rates. 

We’re set up to work with insurtech, traveltech, fintech, hotels, search engines, airlines, online travel agencies, event ticket platforms and more that are seeking a fresh approach from travel insurance. 

Partners navigate our global embedded insurance solutions to instantly create new custom products and services available through our easy-to-use RESTful API. Just get in touch and we can arrange to go through every option and how it’ll benefit your business.