Your customers are global. So why isn’t your travel insurance?

What does it mean to be a truly global business in 2022?

Customers in Houston, Hamburg and Hong Kong? A workforce spanning multiple time zones? Frictionless communication and trade across borders?

Whatever your definition, there’s one fact you cannot escape: a cookie-cutter approach to global trade is impossible.

battleface is acutely aware of this. Being a travel insurer means enabling our customers to see the world beyond their own borders. But it also means operating within vastly diverse regulatory frameworks, laws, licensing requirements, insurance premium taxation requirements, currencies, payment systems, medical infrastructures, languages, and customer expectations.

Trust us, one size fits all doesn’t work. So what does?

Think global, act local

We rely on dedicated set ups across different regions, time zones, and insurance carrier partners to ensure we’re fine-tuned to numerous local markets. From the actual travel insurance products to 24/7 emergency medical assistance and claims services, we think globally but act locally.

That’s industry standard though, right?

Wrong. Many traditional insurance carriers have a global presence but are siloed between each of their international offices forcing their distribution partners to negotiate and establish agreements independently from one region to another.

A single solution

At battleface, we’re disrupting that outdated model to provide relevant products and services that treat customers like individuals – within a global framework.

Our partners are looking for a single solution that caters to their customers while excelling at locally compliant distribution, licensing, product creation, delivery and service.

Our tech stack takes care of the insurance while distribution partner teams use A|B testing on top of our APIs to deliver insurance products that reflect how our customers really travel.

Why does that matter? Because concentrating on ever-changing customer needs and building the products to serve them translates into increased revenue generation.

Partnerships working for you

Our modular approach to travel insurance underwriting and tech, allows partners to:

• Embed products in a customer’s journey
• Build policies on the go
• Customize based on partners’ marketplace
• Respond to customers’ actual needs
• Offer partner-branded white-label products
• Focus on revenue

Find out more

We’re set up to work with insurtech, traveltech, fintech, hotels, search engines, airlines, online travel agencies, event ticket platforms and more that are seeking a fresh approach from travel insurance.

Just get in touch and we can arrange to go through every option and how it’ll benefit your business.