battleface Launches U.S. In-house Travel Insurance Claims Operation in Commitment to Deliver Superior Claims Experience to Customers

battleface, a full-stack global company, today announced the launch of its in-house U.S. travel insurance claims operations in a commitment to deliver a superior customer experience. Having previously outsourced the claims operation, battleface will now be able to provide a fully transparent, tech-led journey to both customers and partners without the need to work through third party providers.

Prior to today, battleface already managed 24/7 responsive sales, travel and emergency medical assistance services. Handling its own claims is the last piece of the puzzle to complete its offering for direct and partner channels.

Customers are increasingly expecting more automated real-time processes for travel insurance claims, with easy-to-understand communication, immediate updates and quick resolutions to their inquiries at the forefront of their expectations.

battleface’s tech brings a vast array of benefits to the claims management process, including filing a claim digitally from any device. It is easily supported via API across distribution partners’ platforms, and leads to rapid payment via the customer’s preferred method.

Bo Bawara, Head of Operations at battleface comments: “There’s been a lot of hard work behind the scenes to bring our U.S. claims function in-house. We’re excited to announce this launch today in continuation of our mission to deliver relevant products and services to today’s travelers. This development gives us the ability to better understand our data and customer feedback which will help us enhance the entire customer journey, making it a speedy and successful process.”

battleface is consistently rated “Excellent” for its customer services through the independent review website Trustpilot. To continue its principle of going above and beyond for both its customers and distribution partners, battleface plans to release an array of innovative tech features during the remainder of 2022 to enhance every point of the customer journey.

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