battleface travel insurance partner platform lands in Australia

API driven modular insurance product set to shake up Australian travel insurance market

  • Unique modularity product embedded via API
  • Unbundling travel insurance for the modern traveller
  • Equipping partners with customisable plan options with variable excess levels and bespoke benefit limits
  • Australian early-adopter partners include: Wise & Silent, Mustard Underwriting and AWAI

SYDNEY, Australia, 16th May 2023 – Travel Insurance provider, battleface, which offers embedded modular insurance for partners and their customers alike, has today announced the launch of its tech platform where partners can build their own tailored products.  battleface’s approach to unbundling travel insurance provides flexibility and customisation while making it relevant to distribution partner marketplaces and their customers.

The rapidly growing company is known for designing travel insurance products and has already secured significant traction in the U.K, Europe, USA and Canada. Available in over 185 countries worldwide, battleface has already secured partnerships in Australia with Wise & Silent, AWAI, Mustard Underwriting via its API driven platform, which partners use to embed travel insurance products within their purchase path as a seamless integration into their customer journey.

Partners can build their own products using battleface’s platform with predetermined rates and benefits, resulting in complete flexibility for customers.

  • Awai Travel, a travel tech startup specialising in leisure travel, has partnered with battleface to provide pre-trip cancellation insurance as standard with every purchase
  • Insurtech platform Wise & Silent built its own products on top of battleface’s API
  • battleface has also partnered with Mustard Underwriting, an agency specialising in providing insurance products to the sharing economy landscape

Matt McLellan, battleface Managing Director, Australia says: “When travel insurance is unbundled into individual benefits, partners can build their own products on top of APIs with precise benefits driving higher conversion and overall customer satisfaction. By partnering with compatible brands across Australia we’re able to offer customers access to products based on their actual travel needs and itineraries.”

Standard cover from battleface includes protection against Trip Cancellation up to $40K per person and a personal liability insurance  of $2.5M, unlimited Medical. Customers will also have access to battleface’s 24/7 emergency medical, travel, claims and customer service teams.

Interested travel partners can reach out directly to the Australian team via [email protected].

About battleface
battleface, Inc. is a full-stack global travel insurance company enabling customers and partners to easily select custom-built products and services that perfectly fit their needs. Access to embedded products, relevant benefits, and responsive customer service from any device—welcome to a better insurance experience. Welcome to battleface.