NEW PARTNERSHIP | Global Kitesports Association (GKA)

With millions of participants worldwide, spectacular destinations across the globe and the thrill of navigating the air, at speed, kitesurfing is one of the hottest extreme sports going. Extreme sports don’t come without risk. That’s why battleface is excited to announce its partnership with GKA.

GKA focuses on the potential of kitesurfers for tourism and highlighting the growth of the sport as a whole, the development of kitesurfing travel and tendencies in the kitesurfing market. The association manages the GKA Kite World Tour, featuring competitions in freestyle, kite-surf and hydrofoil freestyle.

Working closely with GKA to identify the needs of kiters, battleface has created a travel medical insurance product that includes accident and injury, medical transportation/evacuation, personal liability and gear cover. The policy allows athletes to personalise their plan, with additional options.

Riders acquiring a GKA race licence or tour membership automatically receive personal accident insurance with battleface while competing in non-native countries in 2020.

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