Rad Season Partners with battleface to Provide Modern Travelers With Specialized Insurance Policies

Travel insurance for extraordinary travelers who need more than ordinary insurance

The one-stop-shop for adventure and action sports events website, RadSeason.com, has announced that the company is partnering with battleface, an insurance provider that focuses on delivering coverage for individuals or groups who travel to isolated destinations, dangerous places and take part in adventure activities. Through this partnership, Rad Season has further developed their ability to provide an all-inclusive package plan for the way adventure seekers can achieve their travel experience.

By integrating battleface with the website, and introducing specialty products to its ever-growing organic traffic, Rad Season is able to provide convenient and affordable travel insurance to their entire audience.

Most travel insurance policies tend to offer blanket coverage plans which leave many customers paying for things they don’t need. battleface has created a unique space within the insurance industry by tailoring their product to people travelling in challenging places. Building specific insurance plans with quick quotes is the ideal fit for Rad Season’s audience of digital nomads, adrenaline-seeking junkies and outside-the-box travelers.

“From the start, battleface has created bespoke policies that embrace unconventional exploration. We’re excited to work with Rad Season, a company that realizes the goals of adventure travelers today and the aims of tomorrow” said Sasha Gainullin, CEO of battleface. “We have created a simple emergency medical and travel assistance plan for people embracing the world’s complexity and diversity.”

Rad Season’s site features a specialized landing page that allows users to quickly and easily receive travel insurance quotes in minutes. battleface provides an on-the-ground emergency support system that can be downloaded on any mobile device. Coverage includes emergency medical treatment, crisis response, trip cancellation, lost baggage, theft as well as evacuation and accidents all with 24/7 assistance and claims services.

“We are proud to be teaming up with battleface to provide insurance coverage for adventure travelers who like to take part in action sports, remote travel and the discovery of new festivals. Having traveled the world for the last 20-plus years I personally understand the peace of mind travel insurance gives you,” says Oli Russell-Cowan, CEO of Rad Season.

Rad Season’s strategic partnership with battleface adds to the already impressive lineup of sponsors and company affiliates which include Airbnb, Booking.com, ESPN and several tourism boards. RadSeason.com delivers event coverage and unique content which has garnered an impressive worldwide reach amongst the adventure-seeking travel audience.

About Rad Season
Founded in April of 2016, Rad Season is the ultimate hub for the world’s most epic cultural, music and action sports events. These events may hands down be the weirdest festivals on the planet and are an absolute must to attend. Rad Season transforms the way adventure seekers perceive the travel experience. We help people discover events and book an ultimate rad adventure.

About battleface
battleface, Inc. is a full-stack global travel insurance company enabling customers and partners to easily select custom-built products and services that perfectly fit their needs. Access to embedded products, relevant benefits, and responsive customer service from any device—welcome to a better insurance experience. Welcome to battleface.