Tourism Cares

battleface is proud to announce membership with Tourism Cares, an organisation dedicated to use business as a force for good by convening, educating, and motivating travel sectors to make a positive impact through today’s adventurers and explorers.

‘battleface helps make reporting on, documenting, and exploring complicated and remote parts of the world safer for travellers. As a member of Tourism Cares, we can also help the people living in those destinations,’ said battleface CEO Sasha Gainullin.

Tourism Cares promotes joint corporate volunteerism in an effort to make a big impact on small businesses and communities across the globe. Through travel summits, the organisation provides an opportunity for travel sector professionals to collaborate with one another, with the aim of improving local travel infrastructure in some of the world’s most interesting places.

Through collective fund-raising, its Destination Disaster Recovery Fund focuses on restoring and improving tourism resources and infrastructure to support communities long-term.

By joining Tourism Cares, battleface is not just making a commitment to today’s travellers, but a long-term investment in the businesses and communities they visit.

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