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What equipment does Winter Sport cover and for how much?

Equipment includes snowboards, skis, bindings, sticks/poles and boots. Winter Sports equipment is covered up to 750 (500 per single article, set or pair). Hired equipment is also covered (300 per single article, set or pair). Exclusions do apply, so please check the Policy Document for full details. The excess (deductible) for ski equipment is 50 per person … Read more

What is the battleface Winter Sports Optional Cover?

Winter Sports cover, when selected, covers equipment loss or damage for skiing and snowboarding. It extends the standard benefits of your policy to include claims which may arise when you are participating in winter sports. No cover will apply in respect of Personal Liability claims.

Why is price my different today than when I first quoted my policy?

We’re always tracking the global travel ecosystem to ensure we’re covering the right risks at the right rates. For example, your destination country is part of our rating algorithm and if that country is high risk when you quote and then is lower risk when you buy, you may see a lower premium for your … Read more

Can I claim for lost or stolen baggage?

Yes, our Single-Trip product includes baggage cover up to the limits shown on your policy. There are some important limitations to cover that will apply, so please refer to section E of your Policy Document for full details. For example, we will pay a maximum of 250 for each single article, pair or set of … Read more