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We’ll pay up to the amount shown in the Schedule of Benefits in the PDS for the following:

  • Damaged items – we’ll repair damage where practical and economical to do so
  • Stolen and lost items – we’ll replace any items available from our usual suppliers
  • For items we agree we can’t repair or replace, we’ll calculate your benefit based on the depreciation table below
  • In the event of loss to a pair or set of items, we’ll pay the lesser of the:
    • cost to repair or buy the individual item(s) needed to complete the set or pair; or
    • original purchase price of the set or pair (subject to depreciation).
  • Up to AUD $500 for expenses incurred overseas where it’s legal and necessary to replace prescription medication damaged, stolen or accidentally lost during your trip
  • The cost to replace your passport or visa if lost, stolen or damaged during your trip, including relevant travel costs up to AUD $500
  • Losses from unauthorised use of your credit cards, if lost or stolen during the covered trip and you’ve met the terms of the issuing credit card company

If your carrier confirms your luggage is delayed or misplaced for a period of more than 12 hours, you can claim up to AUD $300 per insured person to buy essential items. This benefit doesn’t apply for your return journey home. No excess applies to claims under this benefit. We’ll also cover costs to ship your lost luggage and personal effects to you if recovered.