The policy states you should file a claim within 20 days after the loss, or as soon as reasonably possible. You should try to complete the claim form and provide supporting documentation to battleface within 90 days after filing the claim, but you have up to one year from the date of loss to submit your claim. We want to help you! The sooner you report your claim and submit your documentation, the sooner we can evaluate your claim and make any payments owed under the policy.

Also, Baggage and Personal Effects, Baggage Delay and Vacation Rental Damage coverages have some extra requirements.

Baggage and Personal Effects and Baggage Delay require you to immediately notify the common carrier, or whoever may be responsible for the loss. If there was a robbery or theft of your items, you must notify the police within 24 hours.

Vacation Rental Damage must be reported to the property management company within 5 days of checkout, and the claim needs to be reported to battleface within 30 days of discovery of the damage.

Finally, there may be state-specific variations on these timelines—check Section V of your policy for more details.