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There’s nothing quite like setting out on a long hike. With just your gear, a map, and the trail ahead of you, it’s the ultimate way to escape from it all. But just like any adventure activity you plan to do when traveling, hiking comes with its share of risk.

Fortunately, many travel insurance plans includes coverage for hiking, so you can set out, safe in the knowledge that you’re adequately covered and focus solely on the trail ahead of you.

What does hiking travel insurance cover?

When shopping for travel insurance, look for a plan that  you can enjoy your hiking adventure knowing that your policy automatically includes adventure sports coverage, or offers it as an optional upgrade.

A comprehensive travel insurance policy provides coverage in a wide range of situations including trip cancellation, baggage loss and delay, and trip interruption, as well as medical insurance to cover any expenses you might incur if you suffer a medical emergency while on your hiking trip.

Because hiking up peaks and across mountains comes with the risk of accidents and injury, it’s essential to make sure your policy provides adequate medical coverage, including medical evacuation in case of serious injury. And remember that if you’re traveling outside of your home country or even in a US state outside the one where you live, your private health insurance may not provide medical expenses coverage.

Top hiking destinations

United States

Spanning 2,650 miles, three states, and two mountain ranges, the Pacific Crest Trail is a long-distance hike that lures travelers to the West Coast of the United States from all over the world to tackle it in stages or, for brave through-hikers, all in one trip.


Peru’s Inca Trail stretches from the village of Piscacucho through 26 miles of challenging elevation gains and extremely changeable weather before ending at the ancient ruined hilltop city of Machu Picchu — one of the most incredible sights in the world.


Passing through France, Switzerland, and Italy, the 106-mile-long Tour du Mont Blanc circuit is one of Europe’s finest hiking trails, offering stunning scenic alpine views complemented by fine dining and luxe accommodation options along the way.


A challenging trail taking in the glacial lakes and rugged peaks of Patagonia, Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park is home to some of South America’s most exhilarating hiking.

What is not covered by  travel insurance?

Make sure to find out if your travel insurance policy excludes any hikes or regions from its coverage, or has a maximum elevation gain beyond which coverage does not apply. Generally you’re not covered if you’re participating as a professional in mountain sports, and bear in mind that travel insurance generally does not include coverage for ongoing medical care.

As always, read your policy carefully to ensure you know if any exclusions apply.

Good to know

Do I need specialist insurance for a hiking trip?

It depends on your provider. Some insurance companies offer specialist policies for hiking or include it in an adventure sports benefit.

Will my regular insurance cover me if I get injured on a hiking trip?

It may not — you need travel medical insurance to cover any medical expenses resulting from accidents or incidents that occur on a hiking trip. Relying on your regular insurance if you get injured is likely to lead to large out-of-pocket expenses.

Does travel insurance protect my hiking gear?

The gear you bring with you on your hike may be covered by the baggage loss and delay benefit of your travel insurance policy up to the limit indicated in the policy.

What if I need to be evacuated?

In the event of a covered serious injury or illness, and if your policy includes emergency medical evacuation, the travel insurance provider may make the necessary arrangements and pay for the evacuation cost. This is an extremely important coverage, as emergency medical evacuations can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Does hiking insurance cover me anywhere in the world?

Some policies exclude certain high-risk areas or peaks with a certain elevation. For example, while a hike to Everest base camp may be covered, hiking to the peak may require specialist insurance. Check with your provider.

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