Last-minute traveller? That just got a lot easier in Canada

No disrespect to the meticulous planners out there, but sometimes spontaneity rules.  

We all know that feeling, right? Spotting that last-minute flight, excitedly messaging your closest travel buddy, scouring Airbnb for the perfect pad, and putting on your out-of-office autoreply as you waltz out the door. 

It could be a much-needed shopping trip in New York, a few days soaking up sun in Cancún or a hastily arranged week in Cuba, but that whirlwind feeling of ditching normal life for a few days of adventure is what makes travel so special. 

But, erm, anything you’ve forgotten? 

Unsurprisingly, the giddy rush towards the airport can leave many Canadians neglecting that oh-so crucial lifeline: travel insurance. 

Serious financial burdens 

Although travel insurance uptake has risen since the pandemic, a sizeable proportion of Canadians still travel internationally without taking out any cover, putting them at serious financial risk if they become ill or injured, have to cancel their trip, or require financial protection if they’re responsible for damages or injury of others.  

But fear not, because spontaneous (or absentminded!) travellers just got a boost from battleface with the introduction of its new Canada travel insurance product – capable of being purchased once your trip has already commenced (with coverage kicking in 24 hours post purchase). 

The product, offered in partnership with Hunter McCorquodale, allows Canadian travellers to buy travel insurance coverage while they’re already travelling with minimal fuss – meaning your fun isn’t interrupted by poring over tricky jargon, working through reams of paperwork, or endlessly queuing in automated phone systems. 

Just head to our website or give us a call on +1 (844) 240 3500 and we’ll get it sorted.  

Medical, Cancellation & Personal Liability cover as standard 

Standard cover includes protection against Medical and Emergency Expenses up to CAD 5,000,000, Trip Cancellation up to CAD 20,000 per person and Personal Liability up to CAD 500,000. Terms, conditions, limits and exclusions apply. 

Travel advisories 

Travel and Medical plans cover destinations classified by the Government of Canada Travel Advisories as “Avoid non-essential travel” and “Avoid all travel” as standard with pricing based on age, destination, and duration of trip. 

Distribution partners and more 

battleface can custom-build programs for B2B2C and B2C travel distribution partners and design group travel policies for corporate, education and non-profit industry sectors. 

Get a quote and buy instantly 

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