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From Los Angeles to New York City and everything in between, the United States offers pretty much everything for eager travelers.

Traveling to the United States

Whether you’re searching for the unspoiled nature of America’s 400+ National Parks, some theme park excitement, or big-city fun, you’d be hard-pressed to make it through your USA bucket list in a lifetime.

Whether you’re road tripping, flying to your destination, or adventuring on your own two feet, just be sure to pack your travel insurance. In a country this big, safety, health concerns, extreme weather, and other disruptions can vary significantly region by region.

While the United States is known as a safe place to travel, it’s always important to plan for the unexpected. Travel medical insurance coverage is a good idea if you’ll be traveling to an area where your normal health insurance is out of network. And, given the myriad of adventure travel opportunities throughout the country—from alpine skiing to watersports and beyond, you may opt for search and rescue coverage or a sports equipment package.

Because of the sheer size of the United States, you’ll also want to pay attention to seasonal weather trends and the increasing frequency of extreme weather due to climate change. Trip cancellation or trip interruption coverage is a smart move if you’re planning mountain travel in the winter months or a trip to Florida’s beaches during hurricane season. Always read your policy to understand what extreme weather events may or may not be covered.

Good to know

Do I need travel insurance for domestic trips?

Yes, if you’ve got a financial risk, such as non-refundable airfare, lodging, or activities. If you have to cancel or interrupt your trip for an unforeseen event, you could lose your entire vacation investment. Also, if you’re traveling out of network for your health plan, travel medical insurance is advised. Adventure activities can be risky, from an airline losing your scuba gear, to breaking your ankle while hiking in the mountains. Accidents can happen anywhere, even closer to home.

Since I’m traveling domestically, will my car insurance cover my rental car?

The general answer is “yes,” but you should always check with your auto insurance company. Three very important points to note: 1) You are responsible for any damage to the rental car, even if it’s not your fault; 2) The rental car company may offer you their own coverage, but it’s generally quite expensive; 3) Even if the rental car is covered under your auto insurance policy, your rates can be adversely affected if you’re in an accident and make a claim against your policy. Some travel insurance plans offer rental vehicle damage coverage that is less expensive than that offered by the rental agency.

Since I’m traveling domestically, does my regular health insurance cover me?

It depends. Many health plans will cover you throughout the US, but you may be subject to higher out-of-pocket costs such as co-payments if you are considered “out of network” when you incur medical expenses. It’s a good idea to check your provider’s website to see exactly what they cover. Travel medical insurance offered by travel insurers can pick up the costs your health plan doesn’t pay, or in some instances, the travel insurance coverage is “primary,” which means it pays first.

How much does it cost to get travel medical insurance for the USA?

Most travel insurers bundle travel medical as part of a package that includes trip cancellation and other coverages, so it can be difficult to comparison shop. With those plans, you’ll be able to easily see exactly how much the travel medical coverage costs.

For what kind of domestic trips is travel insurance recommended?

We recommend it for any trip where you have a financial risk, such as non-refundable airfare, lodging, activities or amusement park tickets. The investment in a family vacation to, for example, a theme park can be sizable. We also recommend it for trips involving adventure or outdoor activities.

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