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How much travel insurance do I need?

How much and what type of coverage you need depends on the details of your trip. The battleface  Single-Trip Discovery plan is modular and allows you to add coverage for some of the most common travel woes, like trip interruption, trip delay, lost baggage, and travel medical care. But, you can also add on coverage … Read more

How much does it cost?

On average, travel insurance costs between 4-8% of your total trip cost, but your individual policy cost may vary based on factors like age, trip cost, and trip length. battleface travel insurance policies are very cost-effective. The Single-Trip Discovery plan is fully customizable, so you can adjust your coverage to meet your needs, and your … Read more

When should I buy travel insurance?

The best time to buy travel insurance is immediately after making your first payment or deposit for your trip, whether that’s a hotel reservation, airline ticket, or tour package. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you may receive an exclusion waiver if you purchase your policy within 15 days of your initial trip payment … Read more

How can I get travel insurance?

With battleface, you can get an instant quote online. For the Single-Trip Discovery plan, your best bet is to purchase it as soon as possible after you make your first trip payment. Just answer a few questions about yourself, where you live, where you’re headed, and how much you’ve spent on the trip. The Single-Trip Discovery … Read more