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The mountains are calling, and you’re ready to answer. But mountaineering trips don’t come cheap and adventure activities come with an inherent amount of risk. How do you find peace of mind for every mountaineering trip? Travel insurance, that’s how.

What does mountaineering travel insurance cover?

To secure coverage for a mountaineering trip, you’ll need comprehensive travel insurance that also includes adventure sports coverage. Travel insurance policies with adventure sports coverage may not be available for mountain climbing above that limit that requires the use of equipment such as pick axes, anchors, bolts, top-rope anchoring, or other specialized equipment.

Travel insurance provides coverage in a wide range of situations. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Travel medical insurance and medical evacuation: taking a mountaineering trek can be risky, and if you get seriously injured, you may be far from quality medical care. With a travel insurance plan, you can have both coverage for medical expenses and coverage for a medical evacuation in case of serious injury or illness. An emergency medical evacuation to the nearest qualified medical facility, especially if you’re in a remote area, can be quite expensive — up to $100,000 or more.
  • Baggage loss or delay: a travel insurance policy can reimburse you up to a predetermined total if your baggage is lost or delayed during your trip.
  • Trip delay and interruption: despite the best laid plans, unexpected delays and interruptions can wreak havoc on your climbing plans. Travel insurance can reimburse you for unexpected expenses if your trip is delayed or cut short due to a covered reason.

Top mountaneering destinations


Home to the majestic Andes Mountains as well as a myriad of cultural and historical treasures, Peru is a bucket list destination for many hikers and mountain climbers who complete treks around Machu Picchu.

New Zealand

The South Island of New Zealand is a popular mountaineering destination, thanks to a wide variety of terrain in a relatively small area: think mountain peaks, glaciers, and rivers.


It’s no surprise that the home of the Swiss Alps makes the list. This mountainous European country offers a wide range of hiking and climbing routes for mountaineers of all skill levels.

United States

The US mountain states surrounding the Rocky Mountains offer an almost endless collection of mountain activities, and that’s just the beginning. Alaska, the Sierra Nevada, and the Appalachians are also great destinations.

Coverage usually isn’t available for mountain climbing above that limit that requires the use of equipment such as pick axes, anchors, bolts, top-rope anchoring, or other specialized equipment.

Good to know

Can I get coverage for my gear?

Yes. Some travel insurance provides coverage for damage, loss, or delay of your baggage, including sports equipment. You can be reimbursed up to a maximum amount as detailed in your plan documents.

Are there typically any exclusions in mountaineering insurance coverage?

While the most popular types of adventures are covered, you may not able to get a policy for your travel plans if they include climbing at an altitude of 15,000 feet or higher or if you’re doing technical climbs that require specialized climbing equipment. There may be also specific countries that are excluded from coverage.

Does travel insurance cover bad weather?

At high altitudes, the weather can change extremely quickly. Generally, if extreme weather prevents you from taking your trip or causes a delay, you may be reimbursed for the parts of your trip cost that aren’t refundable.

Will I be covered if I have to cancel my trip unexpectedly?

Trip cancellation coverage varies by policy. Many reasons for canceling are covered, such as if there’s a death in the family or you fall seriously ill before your trip. Natural disasters and airport closures are also covered. If you want more flexibility in canceling your trip, you may consider purchasing cancel for any reason coverage.

Is medical coverage included in case of an accident?

Travel medical insurance policies may include coverage that reimburses your expenses if you need to seek medical treatment because of an illness or injury while on your trip. Consider adding Emergency medical evacuation to your coverage.

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