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Forging your own path through pristine, snowy wilderness on a snowmobile is a truly unique experience, and one that winter sports lovers are willing to travel far and wide to pursue.

As the snow begins to fall and you start planning your first snowmobiling trip of the winter, don’t forget to line up some snowmobile insurance to protect your financial investment in your trip and to provide emergency services if you need them. Here’s what you need to know about getting a snowmobile travel insurance policy.

What does snowmobiling travel insurance cover?

A travel insurance policy with coverage for adventure sports, such as snowmobiling, is just what you need for all your winter recreational purposes. Designed specifically for the needs of snowmobilers. A snowmobiling policy can include including:

  • Travel medical insurance: if you’re injured in a snowmobiling accident or elsewhere during your trip and require emergency medical treatment, travel medical insurance can pay for your medical expenses. This is especially important if you’re traveling internationally, as your everyday health insurance may not provide medical coverage.
  • Emergency medical evacuation: if your injury is serious enough that you require a medical evacuation to a major medical center or back home, your coverage can pay for the evacuation (up to a preset maximum), but also coordinate the transportation for you, 24/7.
  • Baggage loss and delay: Applies if your baggage is lost, delayed, or damaged in transit.

Trip delay and interruption protection: winter travel can be unpredictable. If severe weather or a natural disaster causes your snowmobiling trip to be delayed, canceled, or cut short, you may be reimbursed for your trip expenses, up to a predetermined amount.

Top destinations for snowmobiling

United States

Some of the world’s top snowmobiling destinations may be in your own backyard. From Wyoming and Montana to New Hampshire and Vermont, idyllic snowy landscapes await.


Head to Finnish Lapland for a wide range of snow-covered landscapes, from thick forests to frozen rivers. Lucky snowmobilers may even get a chance to glimpse the Northern Lights.


Thanks to Iceland’s unique geological history, the country offers truly unique snowmobiling experiences, including the opportunity to tour Europe’s second-largest glacier..


With an unbelievably long season and the world-famous Swiss Alps, Switzerland is a bucket-list destination for snowmobile enthusiasts from around the globe.

What’s not covered by snowmobiling insurance?

As important as it is to know what’s covered by your policy, it’s equally important to know what’s not covered. Items that are not covered include:

  • Certain extreme winter sports activities, as well as professional competitions
  • Search and rescue services, unless offered as an optional coverage
  • Normal wear and tear on equipment, baggage, and sports equipment

Good to know

What kind of travel insurance is best for snowmobile trips?

To ensure comprehensive coverage for a snowmobiling trip, it’s important to have a policy that specifically covers adventure activities. Adventure sports coverage is a great choice, as it specifically outlines the types of winter sports that are covere

Is travel insurance only available for international trips?

No, you can get a travel insurance policy for a snowmobiling trip or other vacation, even if you’re traveling within the United States. Generally you just need to be traveling at least 100 miles from home.

Does travel insurance cover bad weather?

Winter weather can wreak havoc on your travel plans, but with a snowmobile policy in place, your investment in your trip is protected in many cases. For example, if extreme weather or a natural disaster prevents you from taking your trip or delays you significantly, you may be reimbursed for any prepaid travel plans or expenses, up to a preset maximum.

Can I get coverage for other winter sports?

Yes, many winter sports are eligible for coverage under a policy that includes winter sports, including skiing, snowboarding, and snow tubing. Keep in mind that coverage isn’t available if you’re participating in these activities in a professional capacity or as part of a competition.

Does accidental death coverage apply to winter sports trips?

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) may be included, or may be an optional add-on can be added to your travel insurance policy for a winter sports trip when you purchase it.

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