As a passenger on a spacecraft, what kind of insurance am I buying that I don’t already have through life insurance and health insurance? 

Most insurances will void coverage if you are undertaking a more hazardous activity than that contemplated and declared on the application. battleface Space Travel insurance has been negotiated with certain underwriters at Lloyd’s of London to cover these short period, high hazard risks. In general, travel insurance is important especially if the policy was specifically … Read more

How much does it cost?

Currently, there are several things to consider when looking at costs for civilian space travel insurance. Age and health status of the traveler, the type of coverage being requested, and details of the trip – distance into space, the duration of the flight, and what type of space craft will be used. When evaluating a … Read more

What does Space Travel insurance cover?

We customise to your needs and focus on asset protection – covering any inheritance liability if there is a catastrophic event occurring to a launch and return vehicle resulting in the death or permanent disablement of the traveler.