What’s not covered?

Generally, the plan is intended to cover unforeseen circumstances that can occur while traveling. There are a number of exclusions that could apply, such as suicide, acts of war and commission of a felony. This is only a partial list; the plan document contains full details regarding covered perils, limitations and exclusions.

What’s covered?

Trip Interruption has a variety covered reasons for unforeseen circumstances, including sickness, injury or death of the traveler, traveling companion, business partner or family member; mandatory evacuations due to natural disasters or hurricanes; quarantine; terrorist incidents; and felonious assault. Trip Delay covers unforeseen circumstances such as sickness, injury or death of you or a traveling … Read more

Do I need to notify battleface of every employee traveling?

At the time of purchase, we only require the number of employees traveling. Three days prior to travel, a roster will need to be uploaded with the names of the travelers. This helps us quickly identify eligible participants in the event of an emergency or claim.